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Get more, with Flick Electric Co.

If you're sick of stuffy, run-of-the-mill power companies who sit pretty while you offer up your life savings to cover power bills, fear no more. We're a bunch of kiwis who feel exactly the same, we're out to shake up a boring industry that's got away with nonsense for far too long.

Because you deserve better. We believe you shouldn't have to choose between putting the heater on and paying your rent. You should have full control of how much you're spending, and know exactly what your bill is going to cost you. Finally, you get to see the price of power and what that means for the family budget, and the environment.

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Winter Savings Guarantee

Join Flick between 17 May and 10 August 2018, and we guarantee you'll save money on power with Flick until 31 August 2018. And if you don't? We'll pay you back.

Read more about the Winter Savings Guarantee.

Wholesale power prices

Don't pay a cent more than it costs to get power to your place. Buying power at the spot price means that, instead of topping up your power company’s bank account by paying a higher, fixed rate, you’ve got the freedom to choose when and how you use power to make some serious savings.

No fixed term contracts

Sleep easy knowing that you're free to leave Flick whenever you like (although we don't think you'll want to), without any nasty break fees.

Smart tools

We use smart meter technology and clever software to put Flick customers in control of their power bill. Flicksters have access to live power price information, so they can make smart changes and save money on the fly.

Easy to switch

It only takes 3 minutes to join Flick, either online or over the phone, and once you’ve given us your address, we take care of the rest (we’ll even break up with your old power company for you). Too easy!

How does NZ's Fairest Power Deal work?

Questions? We've got the answers

What price will I pay with Flick?

Your price with Flick is made up of a number of components, all passed through at their wholesale rate, with no mark up!


The cost of generation is dictated by the wholesale market (spot) price of power. This market is how generators sell their energy to retailers, who then sell the energy onto customers like you. With Flick, you cut out the middle man and buy your energy straight from the source. You’re buying on the wholesale market, just like the big retailers are. The New Zealand Electricity Market (NZEM) is regulated by the Electricity Authority (EA). Read more about generation.

Your transmission/distribution costs depend on your meter set up and where you live. You can find the pricing schedule for your area here.

And you'll always know exactly what we make on your bill. Your Flick Fee is separate and transparent and covers the costs of us looking after you as your retailer.

If you're a standard user, your Flick fee is 42¢ per day, and 1.58¢ per kWh you use.

If you're a low user, your Flick fee is 3.15¢ - 3.62¢ per kWh (depending on where you are). Flick doesn't charge you a daily fixed amount - your daily fixed charge is made up of Network and Metering charges only.

These fees cover our costs to bring you our award-winning service.

What happens when spot prices spike?

From time to time spot (wholesale) prices do spike, but a spike usually only lasts for one or two half hour periods. Along with exposure to the occasional price spike comes access to the low spot prices that we see 46.38% of the time, so we're confident you'll be better off in the long run with Flick.

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We also have a suite of great tools to help you chase the low prices and avoid the high ones. The Flick mobile app will send you an alert when prices are rising, and you can dig into your energy usage and spend in your personalised customer dashboard.

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Still worried? The more you understand how it works, the less scary it becomes. Read our blog What to do in a Price Spike to find out more.

Can I get my gas through you too?

We don't supply gas, but plenty of Flick customers have their electricity with us and their gas with another retailer. It’s easy and it’s worth it. You can check out Powerswitch to find the cheapest gas provider to complement your power deal.

Have a read of our blog Dual Fuel Myths, Busted! to find out why those dual fuel discounts might not be such a great deal after all.

Do I need a smart meter to join Flick?

Yes you do. To give you the spot price of power we need to be able to read your meter every half hour of every day and that’s only possible with a smart meter.

We aren't able to upgrade your meter for you at this stage, but you should be able to arrange an upgrade through another retailer.

How do I pay my bill with Flick?

We send you your weekly bill each Tuesday and take your payment on Thursday via Direct Debit from your bank account or Credit Card.

Our billing week runs from Monday to Sunday, and we bill nine days behind.
Billing cycle

Not too sure about the whole weekly billing thing? Lots of Flicksters actually love this approach as it really helps with budgeting and allows you to manage your usage faster. Read more about why Flick chooses to bill weekly.